5 Simple Ways to Find Profitable Niches Fast

For a niche to be called ‘hot’ and profitable, there must be more demand than supply. In other words, there are more people looking for a solution and ready to pay for it, but there are not enough marketers in the niche offering this solution to them.

Seeing what is moving fast, conducting keyword research, or searching for bestsellers on Amazon are all great ways of uncovering profitable niches. However, often, the best niches are just under our noses. These are niches where people are desperately trying to look for a solution, and you can fill this gap to save the day. You don’t necessarily have to own the solution; you can promote it to them and earn your affiliate commission.

Just to clarify things:  There are keywords, and there are niches, and these two things are inseparable but aren’t the same. Your first focus should be to find a hot niche and then after that, that’s when you need to look for keywords to target.  Finding a hot niche is easy and here are 5 ways to do that.

Look for problems you face in your everyday life

Your computer is running very slowly, and it’s driving you crazy because of its slow speed. Instead of getting angry with it, cheer up; you have found a niche because the chances are that you are not the only one with this problem.

You do a simple Google search, and you run across forums where people are looking for ways to speed up their laptops and computers.  You do a second search and find that there are only very few products out there that address
this problem.

Jackpot! You just found your first profitable niche. You can now create a WordPress site to address this issue and offer products as your solutions. In fact, if you purchase one of these solutions, do a review of it and write some unique content for your blog, you can become an authority site. Making sales will now be easy when you are an authority site.

Another example: A female friend was taking self-defense classes but found out that the entire experience was very frustrating. The instructor often rushed through a lot of moves, and this became a problem as she had to try to catch up. Sometimes, by the end of the class, she couldn’t remember more than two moves they had learned in class.

She said, if only the tutor would give us videos of these moves, maybe I could grasp them better. Bingo! I found a niche- making a self-defense program for women online, and within a week, I was already earning profits from it by addressing this same problem she had stated.

Promote a best-selling product in an entirely different niche

Speaking of identifying a niche, here is a backdoor method you can use. Buy a hot selling product, one with a lot of competition. See how everyone is promoting it, and try to do it differently. Analyze the product benefits and see who else it can help, or how else it can be used. What other niches would benefit from it? Market this product to those niches.

The best thing with this method is that you will not encounter stiff  competition since you will be like a pioneer of your own hot seller to people who otherwise would never heard of this product.

Watch the news for things that are about to become a trend

For instance, if you were at the forefront to know that Atkins diet and Paleo diet were about to hit, you could have targeted them long before they become mainstream. But don’t worry, there are always new diets popping up now and then, and you only need to be on the lookout.

Or maybe, there is a hot star who is bragging about how her exotic pet, accessory or workout, is the next big thing. Watch to see what is going to hit and if there are affiliate programs tied to them. You can hit the jackpot if you are the first mover.

Look for what distracts people

What is that thing that always distracts people- what is it that invades people’s thoughts on a regular basis? What is it that keeps them awake at night? That thing that they would pay money for to get the problem solved.

Weight loss is one of the issues that disturbs most people. Also, bad relationships top the list. Pregnant women are always worried about whether they will be good mothers when they deliver. Men are always thinking about sex. The key here is to get specific and not to try to focus on the entire niche.

A fellow marketer got to know of a particular health issue a pregnant woman had. He found a product that would address the issue, made a website on the issue and because it was keyword specific, he ranked easily. He still makes a couple of sales every week, passively.

Focus on the fears

People are always afraid of something. The woman next to you on the bus is afraid she might lose her husband. The person behind you is afraid he might lose out on the promotion. Near the driver’s seat, there is someone who is afraid she will not do well in an interview or fail to land the job that she wants.

Next to her is someone who is afraid that they will have to pay thousands of dollars to have their home fixed. And next to her is a man worrying about their tax case, where he has been accused of trying to evade taxes. Look for those fears and consider offering solutions to have the problem fixed or solved.

The next time you see someone worried or complaining about a problem- realize that’s an opportunity and you just found a profitable niche.

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